Foreign bank

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Foreign banks have become very popular for Russian citizens. Since now the citizens of Russia can not only secretly, but legally and open accounts in foreign banks.

Our state is loyal to such a procedure, but we must tell the Nagas inspection at the place of registration of natural person to open a foreign bank account. Foreign banks are expanding our capabilities both in business and in leisure.

Foreign banks - it's more secure storage for our stredstv than the banks of the Russian Federation. Foreign banks have been around for at least fifty years and the laws on secrecy of deposits in foreign banks about the safety of deposits, the possible issuance of credit by foreign banks and investment opportunities in the investment packages is much broader. You can open an account with a foreign bank to its offshore company. It also allows you to optimize your taxes and keep most tax planning. Registration of offshore is very specific, but this will help you to specialists.



Cyprus. Offshore in the EU. Retrieved years. We have reduced the price of ready-made companies in Cyprus to 50% in 2010 only to customers from the CIS - the possibility of purchasing ready-made company in Cyprus in the package all-inclusive: